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February 7th, 2016 


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VW Bus Project

Da Surf Team saved a 1970 VW Surfbus, check out the restoration process of this cool T2a Bus.

A very cool acquisition is the recent saving of a SurfBus from mother nature. It's a VW Panorama Bus T2a from early 1970, which we'll need for the surfgear and the future big trips to check out surfspots!
It already has an expedition roof rack from front to end, to comfortably fit all surfgear!

By now it has been stripped for a complete restoration, which should hopefully be finished in summer 2007, as we plan to start touring during the surfseason of 2008.
The bus apparently has been driving in Europe since roll-out in april 1970, somehow was exported to USA for several years, but came back home in the 80's.

I you look at the pictures below, you can see that the bus was very much 'surrounded by nature' at the spot we discovered it, yes stuff like this still happens (we might take the LandRover Defender 110 LWB standing next to it as well!).
The bus has had a hippie history in its early years, as beneath the black/white paint we discovered many beautiful painted flowers, plants and fishes!! The black paint however...turned out to be ship-tar, that took a lot of work to remove of the holy bus!

Check out DaSurf.com or SurfBus.com in the future, as we'll keep you updated of the complete restoration proces of the SurfBus for you surfaddicts!

Everybody wants a bus!

How we found it and some restauration pics:
VW Bus 01 VW Bus 02 VW Bus 03 VW Bus 04
VW Bus 05 VW Bus 06 VW Bus 07 VW Bus 08
VW Bus 10 VW Bus 12 VW Bus 24 VW Bus 18
VW Bus 21 VW Bus 22 VW Bus 27 VW Bus 09
VW Bus T2a VW Bus T2a VW Bus T2a VW Bus T2a

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VW Bus Babes
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